Human Inhibitions

the corner of my table

-glowed with pride

but span unstable.

Subconsciously enough,

I placed a tumbler

On the ebullient flame.

Struggled for a moment,

strangulated at the same.

Death! A choked death caused

at the cost of whims alien so loaded upon.

Man now lives

a life of such

innumerable, choking deaths.

Feels he not honestly

sometimes to mingle 

with fellows unknown?

His feelings are strangulated

like the candle flame

by the inhibitions alien

infected by the social frame.

Oh, inhibitions! I despise you.

Despise you for your sustained efforts

of alienating a fraternity

to create a bridge-less chasm between brothers.

So let the candle glow.

So let the candle shine.

And let it live

As long as it can.


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