Andaman Travelogue: Coming Soon!

Hello everybody!

I am thrilled to let everyone know that soon I will be travelling to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! For those of you who do not know where it is, it is actually a group of small islands in the Bay of Bengal near the Indian Ocean. As far as beaches go, it is one of the most enthralling ones in the world. 

I am departing from my city on the 4th of April, and will be returning on the 10th of April. It will be a 7-day break I have been craving for ages, and I am very excited to visit the places because I love travelling!

I will be visiting Port Blair (the capital) and will be staying there overnight. The next day I will be visiting Havelock Island that is the most popular one in Andaman. With its pristine white sand beaches and blue-green waters, it is truly a place out of a dream. After staying there for a couple of days, I will go to Neil Island, another beautiful island situated near Port Blair. I am also looking forward to try out some exciting water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, glass boating, and jet-skiing.

The journey to the different islands will be mostly by cruise ships or ferry, but on the day of the departure I will be taking a flight from Calcutta (my hometown) to Port Blair; and another flight on the day of the return. 

So the news is that I will be posting travelogues each day until I return. It will be just a description of how my day was, what places I visited, what food I tasted, and what I recommend overall. I hope it will be helpful for all those who are planning to visit anytime in the future. 

Anyway I am really looking forward to the trip. Wish me luck!



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