The Rush

I went down the deserted highway at ninety miles per hour,

When my car started to flip.

I felt nothing, but everything that time,

When I went past the silence, only breaking it with the purr of my engine.

The road seemed to stretch on forever,

and the sky above, filled with the bizzare stars

seemed infinite.

The adrenaline rush was too hard for me to sustain,

and I thought—

This road would lead me to my destiny.

On and on I went,

too restless, too uncaring.

My car flipped again, and my ankle snapped,

but I felt no pain, except for maybe the one in my heart.

I did not stop

I did not even slow down.

And then I saw her-

a figure in the dark,

Her white dress streaming behind her, while she stood still;

Her hair was jet black parted on the left side,

and a fringe ran down the side of her face,

hiding her eye.

Her eyes:

a mysterious pool of dark.

She looked on as I passed.

She seemed so familiar,

Oh, I knew her right then,

Even though I had never seen her before.

My car flipped one last time as I slammed against the highway wall.

My own blood trickled down my neck,

Then I could almost feel nothing,

see nothing.

It was getting harder for me to breathe;

the night was closing in on me.

And suddenly,

I saw orange and yellow flames flicker below me,

engulfing me in a trap

of dense smoke

and mindlessness.

I cannot feel my fingers as I try to move them.

Glass has scarred me with a thousand cuts.

There is blood everywhere;

my mind was weakening, and

my vision was blurry but vivid.

Then, at that moment,

I imagined paradise.

I see the beach right in front of me,

I see the waves hitting the shore,

gentle and rough.

I could smell the wet sand around me.

I feel a small smile on my face;

The sun is setting,

and taking in all the colours around me:

I see, red, orange, purple, pink;

Tears mixed with the redness of the blood.

My eyes had given up on trying to stay open,

I hear voices around me, but I tune it out with the waves.

I let my heart pick its fate,

and so my dear heart beats its last beat.

As I exhale,

I walk towards the beach,

The water warm and cold.

I lay on the sea surface

and I let it float my body away,

and let my soul become what it always wanted to be:

free as the wind, but noticed like birds.

And then I let it go where it wants to, since now,

The nothingness seems like everything.


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