13 Reasons Why (Netflix Series): Thoughts & Theories

[NOTE: This review CONTAINS SPOILERS. Do not read any further if you do not want the show to be spoiled.]

Hi everybody, so I just finished binge-watching ’13 Reasons Why’ on Netflix and my mind is b-l-o-w-n. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you must have heard of it and watched it, or are wondering whether you should or not. My advice: go ahead. You won’t regret it.


The story is about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide by slitting her wrists mid-way through her junior year at high school. Before she dies, she leaves behind seven tapes stating thirteen reasons why she did it, and the people who are responsible. I haven’t read the book and I’m not planning to (since I always read the book before watching the show/movie and once a book is spoiled I lose interest). The show accurately depicts how suicide, rape and assaults are very much real things and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

If you have read the book or seen the show, you know what happens next. Personally, I am very touched, and I finished the show in around two days (don’t kill me, mom) and I am planning to watch it one more time since the plot sometimes gets very intricate and complicated, making it difficult to understand which timeline they are in at a point of time. I’m gonna talk about specific portions that have caught my eye.

Who is the 17-year old male gunshot victim?


In the last episode, they show an ambulance carrying away a 17 year old with a gunshot wound to his head. Later, it is revealed that Principal Bolan comes to Mr. Porter’s room and informs him that Alex has tried to commit suicide and is in critical condition at Mercy (probably a hospital). Now various fans have come up with theories about who the person in the ambulance is. Here are some of them and my views upon the theories:

  • It was actually Alex in the ambulance, after attempting to kill himself: Some of the fans seem to agree that it was actually Alex in the ambulance. His dad was a cop so he could easily get his hands upon a gun, and also he was shown cleaning up his room when his dad came in to praise him on it. Hannah also did the same (cleaned up her room) before she killed herself, so there’s the similarity. Also, Alex was giving out obvious signs that he was suicidal (by throwing himself into the pool) and feeling depressed and guilty for Hannah’s death and his part in it. I am kind of rooting for this theory and I wish Alex survives (fingers crossed).
  • It was Justin in the ambulance: I think this would work out as well since some fans claim that the person in the ambulance had brown hair (and not blonde as Alex did). Justin is also shown sneaking in a gun into his backpack, and after Jessica dumped him and his mom ditched him for her boyfriend, he realized that he had nothing left and decided to kill himself. He is also shown talking to Bryce and when asked whether he’ll see him around, Justin replies “No, I don’t think so.” It is a possibility and I want to know what happens to Justin.
  • It was Alex, but it was Tyler who had shot him: and made it look like it was a suicide. I am not sure about this one, but evidence shows Tyler buying a gun and later taking down Alex’s photograph. I do believe it’s a possibility. 
  • It was Bryce in the ambulance: I do not believe this one at all but I would be glad if it is true (because Bryce IS A RAPIST AND HE DESERVES IT!!!!!). Some say that Justin shot him for doing what he did to Jessica and Hannah, as he tells Jessica earlier that he’ll kill him with his bare hands for what he did to her. And other people say it was Bryce because Jessica’s father shot him, but I don’t believe this one at all.

Why does Tyler buy a gun?


  • He kills Alex with it: Yeah, I wrote the same thing above.
  • He is planning a school shooting: Given the psychopath that Tyler is, I believe it possible. Maybe he took down Alex’s picture because he had already completed his task of killing him, or maybe he has one less to kill as Alex has already committed suicide. He wants revenge against all of those who had bullied him and ignored him (kind of reminds me of a story I am studying for literature The Stolen Bacillus). Yes, I do believe it’s possible.

What does Mr. Porter do with the tapes?


  • He turns them over to the police: Mr. Porter does the most morale, humane thing to do and turns them over to the police although he might lose his job that way. I don’t think Mr. Porter was a bad person at all and I think he would choose what was right.
  • He turns them over but removes his own tape: Mr. Porter might try to secure his own job and remove his tape from the box before turning it in, that way also removing Clay’s own recording of Bryce’s confession.

We can’t possibly tell what happens because the series ends. It leaves us with so many burning questions: What happens to Alex, Justin and Bryce? What is Tyler going to do? Who wins the lawsuit: The Bakers or the school? Will Sheri be prosecuted? 

Hannah could still be alive?


This is a theory everyone is talking about. They believe that Hannah is still alive and kicking, and Tony is helping her hide. She wants everyone to notice how much pain they could cause and the tapes were a sham. The author Jay Asher wanted this ending for his book, but thought that it would ruin the whole point about awareness. I personally don’t believe this at all so I don’t think it’s impossible, but I do think it’s improbable.

Let’s talk about Sheri:


I don’t personally think Sheri was as bad as compared to the rest of them. What she did was normal teenage instinct: doing something wrong and running away from her fault without facing the consequences. She could not possibly have imagined that it would cost a life (WHY JEFF????????????????) but it is later shown that she helps out the old couple and I think that makes her a good person. Later, she even calls 911 and confesses her crime. And about her being prosecuted: She might be, or she might not be since no charges have been put up against her by Jeff’s family. We can’t tell for sure.

About Tony:


Does everyone else agree with my thoughts that Tony was just the best? I don’t understand why some people don’t like him but he was so wise for his age, so caring about others’ feelings and had PERFECT HAIR. He was really nice, and I don’t think he deserves the hate that he gets. He just respected Hannah’s wishes and did what she wanted him to do. That’s it.



So Jeff was a goddamned embodiment of perfection and they just HAD TO kill him. He was in all ways a best friend to Clay, as he helped him about “Girls. Girl. Singular.” and also helped Clay by urging him to dance with Hannah during the Winter Formal. He always had Clay’s back and his death was devastating to Clay. Even twitter agrees to my thoughts:



Okay I am getting very emotional typing this so I think I’m done. I recommend this 100% to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. It takes up several issues that people don’t take seriously most of the time, and it also teaches us how small things can greatly affect people to such great extents. Also, it teaches us to recognize the signs when someone is hurting from within, or is suicidal. Through the last few episodes they showed Alex showing all signs of being suicidal yet most of the viewers had overlooked it. But it was the point of the show I guess.

Also, GOOD NEWS FOR EVERYONE: Reports say that there is going to be a Season 2 to tie up all the loose ends so I am eagerly waiting that! 

All those who need someone to talk to or need help, please remember that you are NOT ALONE. Someone somewhere always cares even though they might not show it. There are many hotlines and 13 Reasons Why itself has a hotline if you need someone to talk to.

Need help?


Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Have a great day ahead everyone!



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